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10 Common Financial Questions When Going Through a Divorce

Sometimes the hardest questions when going through a divorce are those that you aren’t aware you should be asking. Thus, I wanted to summarize below the most common questions I answer and topics I prioritize with my clients as we work through their divorce.

Looking into the Crystal Ball We See A Future of Fun for a Loyal Parsec Economist: A Tribute to Dr. James F. Smith

By Rick Manske, CFP®, BFA™, Chief Executive Officer It is with much fondness and admiration that I share the news of Dr. Smith’s departure from Parsec as of May 1, 2020. Dr. Smith has been Parsec’s Chief Economist since February 1, 2006. In the 14 years with our firm he has provided invaluable expertise toContinue reading

Education Savings: There’s No Time Like The Present

College savings is a topic near and dear to my heart, as we have a 17 year-old who is currently undergoing the college exploration process. It seems like just yesterday we dropped him off for his first day of kindergarten. He looked so small walking into that big school with his little turtle backpack on,Continue reading

Tax-Loss Harvesting Amidst Market Turmoil

Market declines like the one we are currently experiencing present great opportunities to take advantage of cheaper asset prices. Almost everyone with a taxable account should be harvesting tax losses during times like these.

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