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2020 Parsec Prize Recipients Receive $200,000

On what should have been the last week of school for Buncombe County schoolchildren, we are thrilled to announce the 15 educational and literacy non-profits across our state that will receive $200,000 total in unrestricted Parsec Prize grants. Last fall we made the decision to dedicate the 2020 Parsec Prize grants to education in honor

Happy Donating!

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season, we seem to be bombarded with opportunities for charitable giving. Happily, many of us answer this call and

The Importance of Giving - Parsec Financial

Tax Implications of Charitable Giving

For many, charitable giving is an important personal value. For those of you who already have charitable intent, then a bit of planning will ensure that your gift is optimized from a tax standpoint, which is a true win-win for both you and the charity you choose to support. 

Charitable Giving Tax Strategies

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act materially changed charitable giving for many Americans by modifying the rules around standard and itemized deductions.

The Importance of Giving - Parsec Financial

The Importance of Giving

We all give, in different forms and ways, every day. It may be love for our spouse or better half, or care for our children. We may help a stranger in need, or entrust

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