Crafting a Retiree Health Care Plan

At the heart of life’s goals is our health. Having good health is central to all the plans we have.

Being intentional about setting health goals includes having a very good understanding of the health care system and the insurance that helps to pay for it. For Americans age 65 and over, Medicare is the primary insurance coverage. When Medicare is combined with Medigap supplemental coverage, a participant has the backbone of their health care strategy in place.

Last fall we hosted a webinar for our clients to learn more about Medicare in terms of how it affects participants as well as caregivers. My keynote kicked off the day and centered on aligning health and wellness together and intentionally supporting that goal financially.

Increasing longevity is a blessing that many of us will experience. Making the most of our time is a universal goal across our clients’ financial plans. You can embrace a healthy life more intentionally by creating financial goals that support your wellness goals.

For instance, I encourage you to use the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). This free benefit to Medicare beneficiaries is an appointment with a primary care provider to create your own personalized prevention plan (PPP). The PPP helps prevent illness based on your current health and risk factors. It is voluntary and includes detection of cognitive impairment. The appointment is available via telehealth.

During my talk, I discussed ways to begin your wellness plan:

  1. Walk more.
  2. Learn about the benefits of nutrition and then adopt a diet that better supports your goal.
  3. Find positive ways to lower stress and calm the mind and body, such as meditation, prayer, yoga and breathing.
  4. Do strength training. Consult your physician and then customize a routine.
  5. Laugh and play games of any kind: pickleball, tennis, golf. Make sure to add variety.
  6. Take a fitness class; having a scheduled activity can help motivate you. If injured, talk with your doctor and get appropriate physical therapy.

In case you missed our virtual Medicare event, I invite you to watch a replay of my keynote below:

Rick Manske, CFP®, BFA™
Chief Executive Officer


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