Credential: Certified Exit Planning Advisor

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor program was specifically designed for business advisors who work closely with owners of privately held companies. A Certified Exit Planning Advisor can help an owner:

– Understand the value of their business, both tangible and intangible
– Determine how ready and attractive their company is currently
– Identify the owner’s three gaps (value, wealth, profit)
– Identify the Range of Value of an owner’s company. What is it worth today and what is it potentially worth
– Understand their exit options and how they apply to their company and exit goals
– Better understand their personal vision and personal financial needs
– Align their business, personal and financial goals
– Create, deliver and maintain 90 day action plans helping an owner de risk their business and grow value
– Bring the advisory team together, and the owner’s internal team together, to work towards common goals and better collaborate

Parsec Employees Who Have Earned the CEPA

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