Emerging Wealth Management

Parsec offers a service called Emerging Wealth for clients whose portfolios are in the accumulation phase and who need financial planning and investment advice.

It's Never Too Early To Plan for Wealth & Get Investment Advice

Often individuals in this phase of their lives have complex financial planning needs as they balance careers, pay off student debt, save for children’s college education, and try to afford that forever home.

Parsec’s Emerging Wealth service is inclusive of financial planning, investment management as needed, and investment advice on other investment accounts like workplace retirement accounts and 529 college savings accounts.

Did You Know?

  • $1,500,000+ … Loss in potential net worth by investing conservatively from age 25-60 and achieving a 6% annualized return, versus investing more aggressively and achieving a 9% annualized return (assuming $15,000 invested annually).
  • $1,100,000+ … Loss of net worth by delaying investing until you are 30 versus starting at 25 (assuming the individual saves $15,000 annually, achieves a 9% annualized return and retires at age 60).

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