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It is invigorating and rewarding to build your personal wealth. And oftentimes it is even more fulfilling to strategically pass on that wealth to your heirs. We understand that it’s not just your money and your financial security. Rather, it’s a livelihood for your spouse, cushion for your children, helping hand for aging parents, and a legacy for your grandchildren.

Managing Your Financial Plan Across Generations

We are here to ensure that all aspects of a multi-generational family’s wealth are managed properly and strategically. For example, a Parsec Financial advisor will advise on RMD distributions and social security with a patriarch and matriarch, then shift to a discussion with the children on fully funding Roth IRAs and 401(k)s, then help you plan for and establish trust accounts and educational savings accounts for your family. Each year your advisor will work with our tax services department to help facilitate the preparation of your family’s individual tax returns and any applicable business and fiduciary returns. And (s)he’ll consult our CPAs year-round to incorporate strategic tax planning to support your overall financial plan.

As a Parsec client you would have one central point of contact with your financial advisor, who is supported by a robust team of financial planners, portfolio managers, tax specialists and client service specialists to ensure a continuum of financial care spanning all generations.

You have good reason to trust your personal wealth and your family’s future with Parsec. With $3.745 billion in assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2022, we have the history and experience to help you succeed. Let us serve as your family wealth manager today.

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