Financial Planning for Dentists

Dentists oftentimes have a dual need for financial guidance, both personally and professionally. On the personal side, we work with you to develop a financial plan and investment strategy to support your financial goals for you and your family. On the professional side, if you own your practice we can oversee your corporate retirement plan that provides you with the tools to recruit, reward and retain great employees.

Parsec has experience working with dentists like you.

Over Parsec’s 43 years in business, we’ve seen many dentists navigate financial circumstances specific to their industry. In one instance*, a dentist who had been practicing for more than 30 years was eager to retire but had been unable to bring on new partners to take over the business. The dentist struggled to determine a suitable valuation for his practice and was also uncertain how much he would need from a sale to maintain his current lifestyle. His Parsec advisor ran several “what if” scenarios based on different ages of retirement and various business valuations. This helped the dentist focus on what he needed, rather than what he hoped he’d receive, which he realized was affected by emotional ties to his decades of hard work. Shortly thereafter, he received a cash offer for the practice. After his Parsec advisor ran a final analysis to determine if the offer was enough to maintain his lifestyle (using various portfolio allocations to determine his required rate of return in conjunction with his ability to assume market risk), he agreed to the sale and retired four weeks later.

*Client stories: Our stories are based on a composite of real client stories, each of which had a particular set of goals and objectives. The services described in these stories may differ from services provided to other clients, and the results achieved may not be similar, as every client’s goals and objectives are unique.

Parsec Financial Advisors:

You have good reason to trust your partnership with Parsec Financial. With $3.745 billion in assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2022, we have the history and experience to help you succeed. These Parsec advisors below specialize in serving the needs of the dental community, offering customized guidance.

Using Our 43+ Years of Excellence to Help You Thrive

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