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Parsec is a fee-only wealth management firm founded by Bart Boyer in Asheville 40 years ago. His son-in-law is a vascular surgeon in Greensboro, NC, so he personally understands the extensive and grueling path that you all have undergone to get to where you are today. Thus, Parsec takes its work with the medical community seriously and is honored to work with more than 250 physicians throughout N.C. and across the country.

Congratulations on earning your white coat. You have worked incredibly hard for it, and we want to help you protect, save and invest the hard-earned and long-awaited income that accompanies the prestigious physician title.

The unfortunate truth is that according to AAMC, “the median education debt for indebted medical school graduates in 2019 was $200,000, and 73% of graduates reported having education debt.” So once you finally finish residency and possibly one or more fellowships and substantially increase your salary, your first inclination might be to immediately pay down that debt.

But we are here to show you why that might be counterproductive. Instead, we can build a financial plan to support your goals and long-term desires for retirement. How should you allocate your resources? How much of your salary should you allocate towards saving? Towards investing? Towards debt service? How much can you prioritize comfort and convenience for you and your family today without affecting your future plans? We’ll answer these questions and many more as we review and revise your financial plan throughout your life and career. As you and your family reach each milestone, we’ll be there to celebrate with you. Whether planning for children, college, weddings, retirement, grandchildren, or your overall legacy, we’ll help you prepare with confidence.

You have good reason to trust your partnership with Parsec Financial. With $3.427 billion in assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2020, we have the history and experience to help you succeed. These three Parsec advisors below specialize in serving the needs of the medical community, offering customized guidance for your unique needs.

How to Attain Independent Wealth

  • Income
  • Investment Portfolio

NOTE: Figures are in ‘000s. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. These scenarios are for illustrative purposes only. Source: 2018 SBBI®Yearbook

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Using Our 40 Years of Excellence to Help Define Your Path Forward

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