Financial Guidance for Trustees

As trustee you have a large number of duties and responsibilities to the trust maker and the beneficiaries. Some of these duties and responsibilities include: duties of loyalty, prudence, impartiality, administration of the trust, protection, investment management and control of trust property, diversification of investment assets, record keeping, reporting, communication with beneficiaries, non-commingling of trust assets with outside assets, and trust accounting. Let us help you.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Trusteeship

As a trustee, you can oversee the management of all trust assets, whether handled by you directly or by delegating responsibilities to another independent party. The trustee obtains a new tax identification number for the trust, once the trust becomes irrevocable. The trustee will also need to properly handle the income and principal of the trust assets, in keeping with the directive language of the trust. In some trust accounts, this can mean communicating with beneficiaries regarding their needs for income and/or principal for their health, education, maintenance and support needs.

We have lawyers, prior trust officers, and credentialed advisors on staff who can help hand-hold you through the process of serving as trustee. It’s a large responsibility and while it might feel daunting, we will help you every step of the way.

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Do You Need a Corporate Trustee?

Parsec has entered a strategic partnership with First Covenant Trust and Advisors LLC to offer you a full range of trust solutions while maintaining the relationship and investment advice you have built with Parsec. You don’t want to leave your loved ones with a call center to handle your estate. Instead, enable them to benefit from a boutique, high-service relationship with an assigned trust officer who personally knows you, your intentions and your family.

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