Give a Gift That Lasts: A Solid Financial Plan

As we approach the holiday season, I am reminded of Christmas gatherings and the exchange of gifts between family and friends. While we all enjoy receiving gifts, it is the joy I get from giving that is most fulfilling. It’s especially so when the gift is something that has a lasting impact for the recipient. It might sound strange, but that’s how I’ve come to view financial planning. When done effectively, it can have a positive impact on a family today, as well as transform the lives of generations to come. What a legacy!

In this season of giving, let me offer a few gift ideas to consider sharing with loved ones who might benefit from a financial firm like Parsec.

Tell your loved ones to imagine the impact of:

  1. Following a plan that thoughtfully addresses major areas of risk in your financial life and helps you thrive through life transitions.
  2. Providing your child or grandchild with a debt-free college education.
  3. Properly managing risks so your family can achieve its life and education goals even if faced with unexpected loss or adversity.
  4. Having a trusted resource in place to advise and manage your family’s investments should there be incapacity issues, deteriorating health or death.
  5. Establishing a thoughtful estate plan and, together with your financial advisor, holding a family meeting to communicate your intentions and expectations so future generations are committed to a shared vision and legacy.
  6. Introducing financial planning to your adult children and grandchildren so they can get a head start on building their financial literacy and preparing for a bright financial future.

From the examples above, you can see that the greatest benefit of financial planning is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a plan that positions you and your family to successfully navigate the uncertainties of life. I can’t imagine a more impactful gift.

As we approach the holiday season, think of loved ones who might benefit from financial planning with Parsec. Encouraging them to speak with us may be a gift that changes the trajectory of their family’s life.

Scott Kittrell, CFP®, CDFA®
Sr. Financial Advisor


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