Parsec Financial Longevity Forum

A robust library of educational content provided by local experts on various aspects of aging well such as wills and estates, long-term care, nutrition, financial advice, planning for your legacy and more.

Parsec CEO Rick Manske speaks about Longevity and Happiness at Parsec's 2019 Longevity Forum

Longevity And Happiness

Learn how the time/money paradox near or at retirement shifts the priority of financial planning to behavioral finance to help ensure financial security and personal well-being.

Strategies to Survive the Elder Abuse Epidemic

Learn what elder abuse is, why it occurs and what people can do to protect themselves from it (along with tips for victims on how to report it and recover from it)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly About Medicare

Learn more about Medicare including its coverage details, enrollment information, limitations and other “watch outs.”

How to Create a Retirement Paycheck

Learn how to use Parsec’s “three-bucket strategy” to create a new type of paycheck in retirement.

Lifestyle Medicine: Longevity and the Health Span

Dr. Brian Asbill
Learn how Dr. Asbill believes our current medical system is failing us, how lifestyle medicine can cure us and the system, and his experience with lifestyle medicine with patients in Asheville.
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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Learn more about continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) including the different types and how to determine which one is the best fit for you.

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Proactive Aging

Learn how to stay engaged in your healthcare decisions by planning ahead and thinking about the types of help you would want and if a care manager is a good fit for you.

2019 Estate Planning and Trustee Update

Learn about the seven key estate planning documents that you need, how a trusteeship works and important 2019 estate and gift tax laws.

Understanding Your 1040

Learn about opportunities and cautionary areas related to different line items on your 1040 including wages, interest and dividends, IRA’s and pensions. Also learn what to deduct (and what not to!).
I Received an Inheritance, Now What? - Parsec Financial

Success into Significance: Turning Your Life Into Your Legacy

Learn about various ways to pay it forward to create your own legacy, such as setting up a donor-advised fund or contributing via your IRA.

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