Parsec Financial Longevity Forum

Providing our clients and their invited guests the latest thought leadership on various aspects of aging well
such as long-term care, nutrition, financial advice, planning for your legacy and more.

Parsec's 2022 Longevity Forum:

Longevity Keynote

Learn how the current market turmoil relates to earlier bear markets and how to shift your mindset away from the day-to-day markets and instead focus on factors within your control to help focus on your physical and mental well-being.

Estate Planning & Trustee Seminar

Learn about the seven key estate planning documents you should have and what you need to know about a trusteeship. Hear from executives at First Covenant Trust who partner with Parsec to provide Parsec clients with corporate trusteeship.

Elder Financial Abuse Seminar

Learn why elder financial abuse is happening and why it is important, who is impacted, and how to proactively protect yourself and loved ones.

Strategic Giving Seminar

Learn about charitable gifting strategies to maximize income tax benefits, including options such as donating via an IRA using QCDs, donating appreciated securities to avoid taxes on unrealized capital gains, pursuing Roth conversions, and more. Learn how to get involved with a local community foundation such as Foundation For The Carolinas to further your philanthropic initiatives.

Healthful Living Seminar

Do diet and lifestyle really matter? Hear from board-certified internist and geriatrician Gary H. Oberlender, MD, FACP, who explains how dietary shifts over time have negatively impacted the quality and quantity of food that people eat and what can be done about it.

Finding Your Passion Seminar

Learn how to find your passion in retirement. Specifically, we are living longer, so plan accordingly. Since we are living longer, the old three stage model of; education/work/retirement no longer works for most of us. A longer life requires us to rethink and reframe retirement from a time of recreation to a time of re-creation. Have fun!

Parsec's 2019 Longevity Forum:

Parsec CEO Rick Manske speaks about Longevity and Happiness at Parsec's 2019 Longevity Forum

Longevity And Happiness

Learn how the time/money paradox near or at retirement shifts the priority of financial planning to behavioral finance to help ensure financial security and personal well-being.

How to Create a Retirement Paycheck

Learn how to use Parsec’s “three-bucket strategy” to create a new type of paycheck in retirement.

Lifestyle Medicine: Longevity and the Health Span

Dr. Brian Asbill
Learn how Dr. Asbill believes our current medical system is failing us, how lifestyle medicine can cure us and the system, and his experience with lifestyle medicine with patients in Asheville.
financial planning Parsec Financial Planning - Fee Only Financial Advisor in Asheville NC Charlotte NC

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Learn more about continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) including the different types and how to determine which one is the best fit for you.

history - Parsec Financial Planning - Fee Only Financial Advisor in Asheville NC Charlotte NC

Proactive Aging

Learn how to stay engaged in your healthcare decisions by planning ahead and thinking about the types of help you would want and if a care manager is a good fit for you.

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