as of May 31, 2012    
 Total Return
Index12 monthsYTDQTDMay
Russell 3000-1.87%5.20%-6.80%-6.18%
S&P 500-0.41%5.16%-6.60%-6.01%
DJ Industrial Average1.36%2.67%-5.67%-5.82%
Nasdaq Composite0.85%9.05%-8.34%-7.04%
Russell 2000-8.88%3.37%-8.06%-6.62%
EAFE Index*-23.08%-5.64%-14.20%-12.09%
*EAFE index does not include dividends.    
Barclays US Aggregate7.12%2.33%n/a0.90%
Barclays Intermediate US Gov/Credit5.17%2.02%n/a0.48%
Barclays Municipal 10.40%3.78%n/a0.83%
  Current Prior
Commodity/Currency Level Level
Crude Oil  $83.80  $92.96
Natural Gas  $2.35  $2.58
Gold  $1,614.00  $1,542.00
Euro  $1.23  $1.27

Mark A. Lewis

Director of Operations