Helping You Ace this Medicare Open Enrollment Season

NEW! Download our guide to the important “game” of Medicare, which will help you swing and putt your way through the complex journey, hopefully aiming you in the right direction. We will highlight some pro-tips, sand traps, water hazards, out-of-bounds areas and preventable bogeys to prepare you for this adventure. This information will help you know which “club” to use at every stage of the course!

Keynote: Health Is the New Wealth

Allocating a portion of your cash flow budget towards supporting your health and wellness is critically important. Many chronic conditions and disease can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start our day by discussing Medicare and your health at the macro level in relation to your financial plan before my colleagues dive into the details of Medicare and this year’s open enrollment period.

Keynote: Medicare for Tomorrow - 2021

We will review the Medicare benefits and note the changes for 2021. We will point out changes in deductibles, premiums, copays for traditional Medicare as well as explain how to change Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. We will also discuss Medicare supplements/Medigap policies including any changes for 2021 and options to change carriers/plans. Late enrollment options for Part B or prescription drug coverage will be explained. Medicare scams will also be explained.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Supplement and Drug Plans

This session will review Medicare supplement or Medigap plans, how they are similar and how they are different. We will review what each plan covers and what it doesn’t and how it works with your Original Medicare coverage (Parts A & B). We will also take a thorough look at prescription drug coverage (Part D). We will look at how it works with Medicare, how to get signed up and what you need to know.

Medicare Advantage Plans - A Deep Dive for 2021

This is a one hour look at Medicare Advantage for next year. We will look at the timeframe for making changes; why it is important to review your current plan; how to compare plans & what to look for and other key indicators. The Lasso Health Plan, which is a Medical Savings Plan with a high deductible health insurance plan, as a Medicare option will also be explained. Where to go for unbiased assistance in evaluating coverage will be identified.

Hi, I’m New Here ... Avoiding Medicare Mistakes for First Time Medicare Enrollees

Trying something new can be scary. Trying to understand all of the rules surrounding your Medicare benefits as a new enrollee can be downright frightening! Join us for this practical session covering some of the “oops” and “gotchas” of Medicare for first time enrollees. Topics:
  • Enrollment window and associated penalties
  • What happens if you’ve already claimed Social Security
  • Coordinating Health Savings Accounts with Medicare
  • IRMAA – what it is and what creates income that gets you there
  • International travel and cruising for trouble
  • Medicare scams

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