Maintaining Financial Consistency Throughout the Inconsistency of Life

2020 reminded us all that life ultimately charts its own course with unexpected ups and downs. It also taught us that maintaining control with sound financial planning enables life’s bumps to be less turbulent. Attaining financial security isn’t just about successfully managing day-to-day finances – it impacts the long-term emotional, physical and mental well-being of you and your loved ones. Everyone deserves the ease-of-mind that comes from attaining financial security. Let us be your financial partner and take this journey together to build a consistent financial road map that successfully navigates you through the inconsistency of life.

Parsec's Financial Planning Process

1. Understand you

Understanding your values, motivations and goals provides a starting point for our journey and sets the stage for a long-term relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

2. Chart your course

Helping you realize your goals means creating a plan for all of your assets, not just the ones inside of your portfolio.

3. Empower your journey through life’s stages

Delivering an exceptional experience along this journey is our first priority. To ensure that happens, we will:
  • Pair you with an onboarding concierge to ensure a seamless transition for the administrative aspects of our journey.
  • Provide regular team reviews delivering advice, planning and investment strategies from our credentialed professionals.
  • Arm you with technology that delivers security and insight to your financial situation so that you’re never in the dark.
  • Deliver timely and informative educational content and events to enrich your Parsec experience.

Parsec's Investment Process

1. Choose an allocation that suits your risk/return profile

  • Discuss and evaluate your financial goals
  • Review your risk tolerance
  • Establish an IPS/plan/path

2. Allocate equities among large-, mid and small-cap assets; diversify fixed income

  • Set target weights for portfolio components
  • International, domestic, growth, value, sectors

3. Complete a bottom-up analysis of individual securities and funds

  • Valuation
  • Balance sheet strength
  • Growth projections
  • Fund alpha
  • Fund expense ratio

4. Monitor and rebalance

  • Rebalance periodically to target allocation
  • Sell overvalued or deteriorating securities
  • Add new ideas to portfolio

Parsec's Investment Pillars

Long-term investing

Due to the uncertainty of security prices, we firmly believe that investing in a given asset class should be done over a long-term time frame, preferably longer than 10 years. This is critical to investment success because it allows the longterm characteristics of the asset classes to surface. Short-term portfolio spending needs are considered in the long-term asset allocation decision.


Diversification is vital to the portfolio management process. We believe the design and diversity of the portfolio as a whole are more important than the selection of any particular security. Our diversification strategy is to create a portfolio consisting of a combination of growth and value companies; large, medium and small companies; as well as international companies, which may include emerging markets. The fixed-income investments are also diversified.

No market timing

We strongly believe that investors should not engage in market timing. This includes timing the purchase or sale of investments based on the news of the day, as well as giving up on the market as a whole and sitting out for periods of time until things “look better.” Though tempting, timing the purchase or sale of securities based on an attempt to guess which direction the market will go is highly unlikely to increase long-term investment returns.

Using Our 40+ Years of Excellence to Help You Thrive

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