Our Process

Our Process is Simple: Plan and Invest

1. Get Acquainted

We want to know who you are. What do you want from life? How can your finances get you there? What drives you?

2. Create Plan

We will create a plan that addresses your needs and goals, including the right mix of investments, cash flow and budgeting, insurance and taxes, and other financial areas that matter to you.

3. Follow Through

We will follow along with you as you live your financial plan, checking in regularly, and investing according to your needs.

4. Long-Term Investing

We firmly believe that investments in a given asset class should be made for the long-term time frame, preferably longer than ten years.

5. Diversification

We believe the design and diversity of the portfolio as a whole is more important than the selection of any particular security within the portfolio.

6. No Market Timing

We strongly believe that investors should not attempt to guess which direction the market will go as it is highly unlikely to increase long-term investment returns.

Using Our 40 Years of Excellence to Help Define Your Path Forward

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