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Forbes: Who Is Your Portfolio’s Worst Enemy?

When it comes to your investment portfolio, I’ll bet you can think of all sorts of reasons it’s underperforming: the market, the holdings, the economy, geopolitics, the current lunar phase. But have you considered that your portfolio’s biggest enemy might be the one you see in the mirror?

Forbes: Up Your Investment Game With Lessons From The Tennis Court

At first blush, an analogy between tennis and investing might seem like a long shot. I’m not a very good tennis player. I’ve only been playing (and I use that term loosely) for the past several years. But a few of the lessons I’ve picked up along the way seem to apply quite well to investing—something with which I have a bit more experience.

AARP: 9 Ways to Strengthen Social Security

For decades, financial advisers have used the metaphor of a “three-legged stool” to describe America’s retirement system: that the equation for late-life security is having a healthy pension from work, ample personal savings and a monthly Social Security payment.

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