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Finding the Right Financial Advisor

If navigating the complexity of investments, insurance and estate planning is not challenging enough, try figuring out how to find the right financial advisor for you. The marketplace is loaded with brokers, insurance agents and financial advisors promising to put you on the path towards financial security. Nevertheless, how do you differentiate their claims and find the trusted partner that is right for you? To do so, it is important to examine the many differences in advisors, their offerings and their obligations to you – their potential client.

Parsec Financial Overview

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Passive Vs. Active Investing

This whitepaper examines the differences, risks and benefits of passive versus active investments, as well as the factors driving the continuing investor preference for passively managed strategies. We’ll discuss why investing in an all-passive mix does not remove all decisions that an investor needs to make with regard to their portfolio. Finally, we’ll review the guidelines we use at Parsec Financial to determine an optimal mix of active and passive investments.

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