The Importance of Giving - Parsec Financial

We all give, in different forms and ways, every day. It may be love for our spouse or better half, or care for our children. We may help a stranger in need, or entrust a colleague, contact or student with esteemed advice. We may sponsor an event so that more people can hear of the good Parsec does in the community, near and far. We may sponsor an event or cause that we hold dear. Yet, what we give may not always be returned, in forms we expect – immediately or otherwise. It is important to reflect on how giving improves relationships, yields better outcomes, and boosts satisfaction. It is this improvement for society, and this feeling of benevolence we attain that drives this forward. This personal satisfaction attained should work in tandem with community giving, thus fueling this drive for societal improvement.

In exchange for the fees you pay Parsec, we strive to give you our best solutions to achieve what is most important to you, keeping in mind our fiduciary role. However, it is important to remember that frequently those who have achieved their goals turn progressively toward giving. After a certain standard of living is attained, and that is a very personal level – the added benefit of another car, vacation, or toy diminishes. The wealthy often find that the joy and sense of purpose they receive by giving outweighs the pleasure attained from these material goods. However, giving should not necessarily wait until that point. The joy of giving on a smaller scale, whether monetarily or otherwise, is equally important to the giver. Thank you for the trust you give us, and we look forward to helping you gain the freedom to pursue what is most important to you. We give you our expertise each day, and we give you gratitude for our partnership.