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UNCA Crystal Ball Seminar

UNC Asheville’s 35th annual Economic Crystal Ball Seminar will be held on Thursday, April 18th, at UNC Asheville’s Lipinsky Auditorium. Noted economists David W. Berson and James F. Smith will make forecasts on the business and financial outlook for the coming year. The event is hosted by the Department of Economics at UNCA and sponsored by Parsec Financial.

Location: UNC Asheville – Lipinsky Hall Auditorium
Time: 6:15 – 8:15

Reception: 6:15 p.m.
Economic Outlook: 7:00 p.m.
Financial Outlook: 7:30 p.m.
Question & Answer: 8:00 p.m.

The Economic Outlook will focus on inflation, employment, interest rates, the strength of the dollar and the housing market.

The Financial Outlook will explore the implications of Federal Reserve policy for financial markets. Various investments will be addressed, with an emphasis on interest rates and the bond market.

About The Speakers

James F. Smith, Ph.D., is chief economist at Parsec Financial. In his more than 30 years as an economic forecaster, Smith has served in private industry, government and academic institutions, including tenures with Wharton Econometrics, Union Carbide, the Federal Reserve and the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

David W. Berson, Ph.D., is senior VP and chief economist for Nationwide Insurance. His previous professional positions include VP and chief economist at Fannie Mae, president of the National Association of Business Economics, and a senior management position with Wharton Econometrics Forecasting.

There is no admission cost for this seminar. Please RSVP Kim Moore at kmoore@unca.edu to register. Questions? Call 828-251-6550.

We hope you can join us!

Thank you,
The Parsec Team