Wheel of Life Exercise

Our core ideology is that “we help our clients, employees and communities thrive.” It sounds easy enough, but we all know that thriving can be elusive, and it is not always the place we find ourselves as a company, individual or community.

Such lofty language can feel sort of defeating. Nothing is always perfect, and there is no faster way to burn out than not being able to admit that.

When we ask whether we are thriving, we must not answer too succinctly. Instead, I recommend looking at thriving through the perspective of excellence, recognizing that the journey to maintaining a thriving life is ongoing and will ebb and flow.

I understand that there are many facets of a thriving life. We thrive at our deepest level when all these facets are individually thriving. Years ago, I came across a cool exercise that helped me to assess my life and its many facets. It is called the “wheel of life” exercise. This is a tool used to identify balance and recognize steps we can take to improve areas of our life. I found the exercise helped with imagining a more satisfying life. I encourage you to play around with the graphic. As part of doing so, it is OK and encouraged to notate where you are not fully thriving and then assess how to improve in that area.

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I hope the exercise helps you like it did me. There is no better season to make a positive change than now.

Rick Manske, CFP®, CFA™
Chief Executive Officer


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