Financial Advice for Young Investors

Whether you are still finishing up college or an advanced degree or you are in the early years of your career, the earlier you start working on your money management the better off you will be in the long run.

Young Money, Smart Money

In line with our firm’s dedication of investing in the next generation, we launched the website Young Money, Smart Money to provide a wealth of starter materials for those in their 20s and 30s who are trying to get a handle on their finances. It’s difficult to figure out how to juggle school loans with a mortgage and ongoing monthly bills (sometimes it’s no fun growing up!). The topics are not exciting and sometimes it’s super confusing, so we tried our best to simplify it and hand-hold you through it. We applaud you for taking the time to invest in your future (and that of your family’s). We feel as though this site is our way of paying it forward, so thank you for spending time with us and good luck!!!
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Loss in potential net worth by investing conservatively from age 25-60 and achieving a 6% annualized return, versus investing more aggressively and achieving a 9% annualized return (assuming $15,000 invested annually).

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Loss of net worth by delaying investing until you are 30 versus starting at 25 (assuming you save $15,000 annually, achieve a 9% annualized return and retire at age 60).

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