Your Investments’ Journey at Parsec

As a Parsec client, you might wonder how we choose and monitor the investments in your portfolio. Because we value transparency, we would like to shed some light on how we make these decisions and give you some insight into your investments’ journey at Parsec.

When it comes to individual stock selection, fundamental analysis is at the forefront of our process. Indicators such as price-to-earnings ratios, dividend yield and payout ratios, and profitability ratios provide vital information that help us make an informed decision. We include a variety of companies from the 11 S&P sectors, which divide the broad market into groupings such as Energy, Health Care, Technology, and so forth. Within each sector, we look for companies that are somewhat different from one another in order to increase diversification. Diversification provides a benefit to your portfolio, as it has been shown to enhance return while limiting risk. The reason for this is that the stocks of different companies (and different sectors) don’t move in tandem, so negative movement in one area of the market can be cushioned by positive movement in another area of the market. It is important to maintain exposure to different areas of the market simultaneously in order to mitigate volatility.

We do not rely on any one source of information, but instead gather data from a wide variety of resources in an attempt to gain a well-rounded view of a security. We consider expected and historical industry trends as well as economic projections as part of our holistic investment decision-making process. We consult outside research from a variety of highly reputable providers, including FactSet, CFRA, Credit Suisse, Argus, and Value Line. Once selected, we continue to monitor these securities regularly, yet are very careful about making sudden changes. This is because our investment philosophy embraces a long-term approach, one that avoids the temptation of acting emotionally. The market has shown that sometimes one of the best investment decisions you can make is to do nothing.

Our research committee (which reports to the investment policy committee) meets regularly to review the research and discuss portfolio composition. We carefully consider a multitude of both positive and negative attributes for each security and engage in discussions where numerous points of view are considered. In addition, when we discuss making a change we carefully consider the ramifications. A key focus is placed on portfolio stability as well as composition and diversification.

Following the research committee meeting, the entire investment team (including portfolio managers, research analysts and our trader) meets to recap the research and discuss any changes that they may make in clients’ portfolios.

As you can see, we strive to continually craft and refine an investment approach that will enable you to reach your financial goals. We are your steadfast partner in this endeavor. Thank you for your continued trust in Parsec.

Edmund Clapham
Research Analyst


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